Welcome to the Kulcha Komplex Photoblog!

The Context

Kulcha Komplex is a photoblog that serves as a platform for Anthropology in Motion.

From observations and participation, I found that many youth are interested in the beginning of a process or the end result of a process. There is less concern and focus on the process itself. It is during the process, that learning occurs. This is why Kulcha Komplex, frames learning as the “process of becoming”.

Youth are always learning; they are always in the process of becoming something or someone. Whether it is taught explicitly or not, we become someone or learn something everyday. We are taught that learning is an exciting, fun and engaging process, but sometimes learning is an ugly, overwhelming, confusing process. If captured accurately, we will find that learning as a process of becoming someone or producing something is a beautiful human experience.

Kulcha Komplex, through Anthropology in Motion, intends to capture the various dimensions of the learning process.