Kulcha Komplex has key symbols within its realm.  
While learning a second language, I found that phonetically spelling my words allowed me to not only remember the word but to also pronounce the word.  I decided to spell “culture” its phonetic spelling “kulcha” because this is the most accurate way I pronounce the word, culture.

Pangea was a time on earth when all continents united as one supercontinent or large land mass.  This super continent broke or shifted apart to form the present day land masses we have today.   In the context of Kulcha Komplex, pangea as a logo represents the connection all humans have on a fundamental level.

A process that begins with the inner self.  Whatever you are thinking and feeling on the inside becomes clear and obvious on the outside.

Visual Storytelling
A process of using images to show a narrative about a specific event, belief system, situation, scenario and/or culture.

Cultural Anthropology
The study of everything that has been learned or produced by a group of people.

Learning: The process of becoming part of a membership or group

Creation is silent.