Anthropology in Motion (AIM) is a curriculum-based on ethnographic scientific research-that uses problem and project based learning (PBL) techniques to elevate youth’s ability to think critically and creatively.

The Method:
1. A PBL task is presented to youth.
2.Participating youth engage in photographic investigations that address each new PBL task assigned to them.
3. Participating youth are given a specific time frame to bring the task into completion. A rubric is also distributed and explained so youth can self evaluate their performance.
4. Youth work collaboratively to address and complete PBL tasks.

The Outcome:
Youth enhance their social emotional skills that encourages them to work collaboratively with their peers, problem solve in a group, and resolve inner and external conflict .

The idea is that learning occurs in any setting, not just schools. Therefore, AIM is focused on the different tiers of learning; The process of becoming in schools, the process of becoming in the community, and the process of becoming in a system.

The goal of AIM is to become part of the core curriculum in primary and secondary schools around the world.